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Spindleheart: Trail of Shadow and Spool

The cover art for Spindleheart, trail of shadow and spool,
The cover art for Spindleheart, trail of shadow and spool, displayed on a tablet.

Author: T.I. Avens

Genre: Juvenile Fantasy, Action & Adventure

Release Date: 5/20/24

Hardcover: $16.99 USD

E-book: $7.99 USD

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A perilous quest. A missing mythical chest. And one very wayward tale.

After failing her duty as the newly appointed Guardian of TallStalks, Wynn, a young intrepid swirlear, journeys far beyond the tangled stalks of her home to retrieve the very thing she was appointed to protect. A gilded chest passed down in her family for countless generations. As she races to find the magic-wielding culprit responsible for the chest's disappearance, she finds herself haunted not only by failure, but by the possible peril that would be unleashed if the chest were ever opened. 

Eager to leave her village and past behind, Calla, a brash flower-elf, trains for a chance to enroll in an academy for gifted young casters. But when an unearthed family secret brings her sister and her into the most vicious part of the Agrestal lands, she not only questions her future, but the murkier parts of her past.

As each step draws them further into the dangerous lands of the Agrestal, Wynn and Calla may find that survival may lie within confronting what they’re trying to escape.

Product info:

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-7361754-1-5

E-book ISBN: 978-1-7361754-4-6

Two small rodents running down a cliffside, black and white coloring. Mushrooms are on the sides of the cliff and a ravine with water in the background.
A girl reading a magical spell book in a alchemy lab.

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