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A Letter

From Our Founder

Welcome to Over The Tall Shelf!

We are a small indie book publishing company based in Northern California, with our market being mainly centered within the United States. Our main business is publishing kid literature for ages 8 - 12.

In a world saturated with run-of-the mill stories and retellings we promise to deliver odd stories, less conventional protagonists, and charming settings that differ from the norm. Stories that invite you to look over the tall shelf of been - theres and done-thats, to pick something that may invite head-scratches, but will give you a fantastically charged change of pace.


In addition to this, we sell paper and bookish products that also promise to reflect our core identity: quirky, fun, and light-hearted.

As our story now dawns over a mountain of literature, we have but one question:

Will you join us?


T.I. Avens

Founder of Over The Tall Shelf

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